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My traveling interests, when not flying, have turned towards Van Conversions,

with my latest conversion being a bed, floor, and storage boxes in this van.

What I really like about the design is that the van can convert from 7 Passenger mode

to Camping mode in a matter of minutes, with no tools needed.

Van Left Front

Click here ShelvesandSheds to see more about the conversion.

Plans are to return to Florida after visiting Las Vegas, and to purchase a another van to convert this 2019

But I have too many cars, so I am going to sell my 1996 Jeep, the 1979 Cadillac, and the van that I recently converted,

and have with me in Florida at this time.

Van Right Front

The van label shows it being manufactured in August 2007, but it is registered and titled as a 2008,

Chrysler Town and Country 7 passenger, where all rear seats fold into the floor.

For entertainment it has 2 drop down TVs for viewing DVD's, and a nice surround sound stereo.

By the time I get back to New Hampshire the van should have 106,000 miles, no accidents, well kept.

This van has spent it's time in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, Florida area, excepting for the time

that I had it in New Hampshire this past Summer 2018,

and as extra precaution against rusting I had the van Fluid Master undercoated.

Van Left Rear

I am asking $ 8500 for the van including all conversion material.

Less money if you are not interested in the conversion material, but you are crazy not to go with everything.

It is fully insured, legally inspected, and can be taken for a drive, if you are really interested.

I won't have any pictures of the Jeep or Cadillac until I return home, and the pictures of the van are not so good.

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